“The Shop of Nicos”

Here, You'll Notice the Difference


Born in Famagusta with an artistic passion, Nikos, fueled by his childhood love for music, embarked on a journey in the early '90s. Travelling the world, he played his saxophone on bustling streets, funding his adventures while gaining diverse experiences and inspiration.

His artistic need to express himself led to the creation of vibrant jewellery with natural materials. Nikos began selling these unique designs on busy streets and open markets, complementing his musical performances.


In 2002, seizing an unexpected opportunity, Nikos transformed a 400-year-old building near Saint Lazarus Church in Larnaca into a vibrant atelier—named HANDWORKS HANDMADE—offering a variety of arts and crafts. Today, this spot on Pavlou Valsamaki street has become the most tourist-friendly destination in town.

Reviving History,
Crafting Legacy

For 22 years, Nikos have operated this simple yet charming atelier, featuring not only Nikos's creations but also Silver 925 items and various accessories. The shop offers additional services such as Permanent Makeup, Piercing, Hair Braiding, Black Henna Tattoos, Nails, and more by his wife.

"The Shop of Nikos" stands out for its authentic, affordable Cypriot jewellery, emphasizing value for money and quality. The positive energy of this centuries-old place makes it a must-visit destination. Connect with us on Facebook, like our page, and stay informed about our creations.

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